Why I No Longer Indulge In Social Media pt. 1

I have been on social media since I was about 12 years old and that has been almost 12 years ago wow. My first social media encounter was through chat sites when I was a 12 year old seventh grader. My friends and I would log onto chat sites and talk about everything under the sun. My mom used to work a lot and she actually liked the idea of her children having the luxury of a computer in the home and internet service to go along with it and I especially love this since we never had cable and that’s something else I’d probably have gotten addicted to since I also used to love watching regular basic t.v.. Growing up in an underclass society these things were probably just an escape for me and I could get online and be who ever I wanted to be and talk to who ever I wanted. I remember one time when I left the chat site up and my mom probably read unthinkable things that I was writing, but hey I was a curious kid what can I say?

I also catfished a few people and even got catfished myself through a girl that I went to school with when I was in the 9th grade. Its crazy how easy it is to believe something 100% fake on the internet. Myspace was my first addictive social media site and this was during the pre-smart phone era so you had to get on it through a computer only. My school even tried to block social sites, but we always found proxy-site to hack through them haha. I don’t think we realized the damage we were creating, but the escape world seemed so real and we were completely having fun so we didn’t care.

The year is now 2006, and we have Myspace.com, twitter.com and then the popularity of King Facebook becomes popular. After I got on Facebook I that was basically the end of all other social media sites for me. I loved Facebook because I could actually show people who knew me in real life how cute and cool I was in a way that I chose. I knew I was the bomb, but social media totally blew my head up to great proportions and I couldn’t even realize what it was doing all I know is I LOVED the attention and I got loads of it. The problem is my home life was severely depressive. I actually hated my real life, but that’s not what my Facebook reality was and even if I complained about a few social or political problems as a teenager I still wasn’t sharing with people how I really felt about my real world. Life for me was the typical poor urban area life. People who I went to school with didn’t even believe where I was from when I told the and to this day people still don’t believe me. If they do believe me they just assume I learned to be the way I am, when in actuality I have always been this woman.

Now at this point I am 14 years old and I have a cellphone that I can access Facebook through. It wasn’t the beautiful mobile Facebook we have today, but just very very basic version which I actually had more fun on then the high def version we have today. I am now an official Facebook addict and believe it or not I would tell people this! While I was at school I’d tell people”omg I’m so addicted to Facebook” and I thought that was funny as I scrolled my timeline in class. I also had underlying issues like jealousy and I also felt really unintelligent at this time in my life which was weird, because I’ve always been a deep thinker. I remember when I was about a small child, maybe under 4 years old I would think about how I got here on this earth and from what I can remember my account was very accurate. I’d also think about who I would be as a teenager and a woman since my love interests as a child were always boys that were probably 10 or more years older than me, and particularly my older history teachers and professors. lol. I’m not sure if this was because of the type of family I grew up in which was a single parent home or whatever. Both of my parent’s are very smart and different and my dad is also about 10 years older than my mom so maybe its a genetic thing or something I thought was how life should be. My mom doesn’t condone me dating older men though because she says they are controlling and I kind of agree, but I still have my own opinion as well.

Me and Facebook have had some good times though, but overall I know I over indulged, but this is my generation and there are lots of other zombies who haven’t woken up. I even have been trying to get my cousin off of social media and she always agrees that she needs to, but turns around and gives me all the good reason why she gets on there like art, celebrities and fashion…. the last 2 are garbage reasons in my opinion and I could argue that since art should be original also.

Social Media also glorifies and rewards negative behavior such as misogyny, adultery, criminal behavior and having a secret life. There is also the darker side to Social Media that is being created and that is the promotion of sensationalizing mental illnesses such as depression, anxiety, narcissism, gender identity disorder, bipolar disorder, eating disorders, paranoia and these are only a few that I can think of.

Personally I believe there are creative, naturally therapeutic and organic dietary methods to  cure mental disorders. A few things that helped me were dissociating from social media, dissociating from negative people whether they be family, friends or virtual people. I also got back into nature, planned my life in a more productive way, and improved my diet immensely by first drinking more water.


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