The Problem With Being a Rebel

So I just got off of work about 30 minutes ago and I stole my own car lol. When I say I stoe my car I mean I didn’t pass the breathalyzer and I had my keys and got caught ad I drove off with my car any way. The dumb security guard totally snitched on me and tried to keep me there all night like I was yesterday and I had to catch a Lyft which I was nor trying to do tonight because that was so annoying. I feel kinda bad for driving off after I got caught, but whatever! Tonight was slow af and all the money I made this week is going to my aunt because I want to pay her something for moving out of her house without any notice. It kinda sucks that this is the kind of job to where you have to get a little tipsy to really have fun. Before I got pulled over for my warrant, no insurance and marijuana charge I really wasn’t much of a drinker because I was  major stoner :). Now that my stoning days are on the back burner I drink a little more which shocks me a little, but its whatever I guess.

The only thing with drinking is its detectable on a breathalyzer and smoking isn’t. I know everyone is so against drunk driving, and i guess its irresponsible or whatever, but unless your willing to pick me up or pay for my Uber your opinion really doesn’t matter to me. I said something to my ex and he was like “Oh that what my friend was talking about when he was telling me about independent women”, and that was funny to me. Everyone has something negative to say about independent women, but who’ no one is willing to give a drunk independent woman a ride home. I feel a little bad about driving off from security after he busted me. I think he should learn how to take a bribe and let me go next time lol. I probably won’t be at that club for a while, but its cool new beginning are what life is about and its never good to get too comfortable anyway. The club was soooooo dead today that the ride home was totally worth it. The dj and bouncers count our dances and he was trying to tell me I did more dances so he could get more money out or me. Wtf ever I don’t have time for that either.

I guess I’ll do my usual weekly routine at my new club and then hit up my old when when the heat dies down. I know I’m a good person and you all love me for that, but I am a rebel and driving off felt really good lol.

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