Strippers and Butt Shots

I personally do not condone butt shots they are illegal and more importantly dangerously fatal! From working in a total of 3 strip clubs so far I can actually see why girls get butt shots though. I am probably one of the slimmest strippers you will ever see and while I love my body it is a little bit more difficult for me to make money. I’m the dream woman for some guys in the strip club who adore a real and fit body, but most guys don’t want to adore a stripper and they are just looking for the typical sex symbol that a lot of the rappers rap about. That’s the problem with wanting to be with someone just for their body which is its just a body and you have no idea who the soul is on the inside of the body.

The club I started at didn’t have the whole butt shot issue because we have a more professional clientele and they tend not to even want to hire girls with a bigger butt because it draws a certain crowd they the club doesn’t want. This may sound a little harsh, but I’m just being honest. We do have girls with big butts, but they are natural. At the 2nd club I work at it’s a very mixed crowd and I haven’t been there long enough to really see any girls with butt shots. Now the 3rd club I work at is crazy with the butt shots. This is the type of club a drug dealer would go to and just spend thousands of dollars on the girl with the dumbest booty. It was at this club when I really started seeing lots of butt shots.

I have watched many interviews of famous strippers who have gotten butt shots, and also seen many news clips of people who’ve died from getting them or gone to prison for giving butt shots to women. Butt shots would be a quick fix for someone who didn’t want to spend months-years eating right and hitting the gym to naturally grow their butt. Strippers who get butt shots in my opinion are desperate for money and also lazy. Honestly a few years of good money isn’t worth your health, but the money difference will instantly change after you get butt shots and that’s without a doubt. I have however also seen girls who have naturally big butts and don’t have the confidence to use it. I guess women who get the butt shots feel like the artificial enhancement is something they could never achieve naturally so that makes them even more happy about using their new butt to make money. Fake butts are kind of like a woman who has short hair who puts on a wig and instantly feels more beautiful, because she knows that it would be impossible to achieve that type of hair so easily naturally.

From my personal experience strippers who get butt enhancements do make a lot of money HOWEVER that is like cheating on a test. You can also make a lot of money being as stripper with a natural body, but you will just have to go to the grocery store and get in the gym, and study for that test.


  1. Martian · April 10, 2016

    That’s really sad of stripers


    • Stripper Notes · April 13, 2016

      Yeah everyone has different priorities lol

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      • Martian · April 13, 2016

        Hehe true… I have never seen one yet in real.. Striper ha-ha


  2. Dezz · December 8

    So glad you noted this because although ive contemplated this youre totally right

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  3. Dani · February 11

    This is sad and a shame. Not just because women are willing to exchange their health in order to use their bodies to make money – but that women are willing to give up their integrity and self-respect to do so as well. Many of us have not been taught the bible…or the value that is placed upon us as godly women, responsible for the care of our home…but more importantly our children. I’m not talking about the false Christians who teach that a man should rule over you and you should be treated as a child or a person of low to no intelligence. Lord knows that since sin came into the world, women have been abused in ways that are unimaginable…and still are. But there is a love…the love of the Lord Jesus Christ who washes away the sins of those who trust in His blood to cleanse them. I’m talking about a husband who loves his wife as Christ loves the church and gave himself for her.

    It is a love that is not about money or material things (though a man is tasked with being a provider for the purpose of allowing a woman to be the keeper of the home and raise godly children) it is a love born of unity..of oneness. Oneness with Christ and as a result, oneness with your spouse.

    Since many have not been taught the bible and have not followed the Lord Jesus Christ we cannot see what is happening in the world. We cannot see the devils plan. I look at young women now…beautiful young women. Women who never needed implants or injections. Women who do not need false eyelashes, drawn on or tatooed eyebrows, highlighter, perfume or the rest of the foolishness the devil offers. They don’t need these things because they already look like women. The devil has women looking like and doing what drag queens do trying to make themselves look like women…when they already look like women! He has women believing that this is what men want (and has men believing this is what they want) when its not. Men will only objectify a woman when they see her body, her curves. God never intended for a man to be able to lust after or see women’s bodies…only that of his wife. Women need to be modest for this reason…for since sin came into the world, men do not naturally love, they LUST. They do not “adore” strippers, they LUST after them and lust is not the same as adoration or love for that matter, whether your body parts are natural or purchased.. Lust has its limits. When a male becomes bored with you – and he will when the foundation of your relationship is based on fornication – he will discard you. He may even marry you if that is what it takes to get what he wants from you but when he is tired of you, he will discard you married…or not. He will trade you in for a new possession.

    My heart is crushed and I feel for women of the world. You do not know that you have an adversary who is working hard at your demise. That you are the object of a special hatred and that he has primarily used men to vent his hatred towards you. You cannot see that he is using pornography to take from you, the one that God designed to lead you by his word AND example to Christ, to protect and provide for you and to love you as Christ loves the church. The men of this world are being brought low because they refuse to obey the Lord and become men of God and become what God originally intended for them to be…and since they have despised it, it is being taken from them.

    I pray to my God, the God of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob, the God of the Authorized King James Version of 1611 that you all will wake up before it is too late for you.You NEED the blood of Jesus to wash away your sin and cleanse you that you may be saved from the wrath of God on the day of judgement. I hope that my comment is posted and I hope that many of you find it before it is eternally too late for you:


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