Goals Are Scary, But They Are Rewarding

So after my horrible extra bad day I fought very hard to not let that ruin my mood for the rest of the week. I can see how people give up easily on things, because rejection and failure feels like someone taking a machete to your soul. Rejection is not failure though the problem is that many people often mistake rejection for failure because at the time of the rejection they allow the rejection to define them. Me on the other had I vowed not to let this happen to me. I realized that the people in the strip club do not define me and they are only a vehicle to get where I am trying to go.

After that bad day I do what I do best and that is plan. I planned on short term goals which were as simple as running errands and I thought about long term plans which were finally beginning my real estate courses. As a young human I have the tendency to think I have so much time to get things done, but time is always passing and it is better that we accomplish our goals as soon as we think about them. When you really have a worthy goal you realize that it will probably take a good amount of time and dedication to really be a quality person in that field and goal.

I am already in motion of achieving many goals and it definitely takes motion to see anything comes to life. When writing goals I write them in a sequenced schedule format so I know what I am supposed to be doing that day and have a reason to wake up in the morning. Life without purpose isn’t a fruitful life its merely just waking up another day and it is not going towards anything. Many people think they do not know what they want to do with life. A lot of people know what they want to do with their lives however they believe they will not be successful more than they want to focus and try to be successful and even worse they become distracted. Distracted people live begin to live in despair for one of two reasons. Distracted people believe they cannot do something themselves or they have an entitled mindset and want someone to give them something.

Every time I expected someone to give me something I was waiting for a long time and it set me further behind than if I would have just been working at my goals every day. When someone finally did GIVE  me something the value of what they gave me was so tiny compared to times when I worked hard for myself to get what I wanted, even if I had to work for someone else I was still knew I was working towards something and not just wasting time waiting. Now I value my future too much to wait around for someone to give me something.

Every time I aimed towards a goal it was scary because more than likely I was starting at square one and I had all these preconceived notions of what the task would be like. When it comes to goals I have learned to quietly and strategically move. Do not get too many opinions from people, just have faith in yourself. When you look to other people to believe in your goal you are wrong! Many people do not believe that they are capable of doing anything great so why should they believe in you, and in all actuality they do not have the ability to believe in you if they don’t know what its like to believe in themselves. I think about all the things I have already done and I look around and I only have myself to celebrate with. That says a lot about who got me to the point I am at and that person is me. You have to learn to think and believe in yourself no matter how scary or unattainable the goal is.


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