What Baffled Me

Well when I was at the strip club its like no one wanted to be around me, but as soon as I left men at every store I went to was very interested in me. One man tool=k some time to hit on me, and that also attracted so much attention from people walking by. Even a guy I went to high school with stopped and interrupted the conversation to say how he remembered me and it was good to see me lol. I think my decided happiness was a magnet for these people. I even had a man hit on me after I brought my groceries to the car.

The whole time I was receiving this attention I couldn’t help but wonder if I were in the strip club with these men, would they be knocking people out of the way to spend a little time with me? I don’t know, but I was fully clothed in the grocery store and yet all this attention?  I was happy about the attention, but I was thinking about this. I guess one thing that had to do with it was I waned to feel beautiful in this grocery store, because I felt like I would run into someone I knew. I didn’t run into him, but I did run into all these amazing people who really made me more happy than they could ever know. Just the fact that it seemed like they cared about me made me happy and they were the ones that wanted to be around me. that’s why its important to always be kind and nice to everyone and some of those guys were literally down right rude to me in the club yesterday. They wanted to make me feel like dirt, because they knew I was there to make money. I had one man actually shoo me away and he was begging another girl for her attention.

Yesterday I think I forgot the kind of men that were in there. The men that are in the strip club HAVE to pay for female attention so I guess they figure they might as well pay for the attention that they want. They  were rude and I forgot I was the one who was actually in POWER! I held the power and I allowed them to let me forget that, but I will never allow that to happen again. Those guys are the ones with the fragile egos who are probably deathly afraid of REJECTION so they must come somewhere where they are the ones who are able to do the rejecting. I will no longer be that nice guy who is still respectable to that woman who is ruthless and rejects me because she thinks she’s too hot for me.

Bottom line is those guys have fragile egos and if spending money on ass that they can’t f*ck makes them happy then who am I to tell them they must spend their money on me? If you just want to look at it I guess you should get what you want, but I will leave them and find the man who wants to make me his dream and have fun with. I just have to persevere to find that one and honestly its a fun hoe filled process that I want to be a part of lol.


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