Turn That Frown Upside Down

So I was on a direct mission to make myself feel better and naturally I wanted to spend some money to do so even though I had made -17 in the 8 hours I had spent at the strip club…. yes $-17. I paid $20 house fee up front and left with $3. First off I went to the liquor store, because I will never again put myself in the situation where I have to wait on a customer to but me a few initial shots to get myself in a dancing mood so I bought my favorite, 1800 silver and a bottle of champagne for the house. Next I went to the grocery store to get some food and I bought a pretty good stash for just over $20, finally I bought some gas for my car, because I need gas duh.

At this point I realize I am dipping into the eating of my tax refund money and I don’t want to be one of those people who’s tax refund just disappears into thin air. I had been planning on saving this money, but now I’m thinking of ways to invest because it really isn’t a whole lot of money so I do want to do something smart with it. I remember then that my mom’s co-worker wants to purchase some hair from me so I’m trying to see where I can get the hair from at a good price so I can flip it into a profit. I feel like this is a good opportunity to make some extra money. I also wanted to save this money for unknown reasons, but since I have it I may as well put it to good use so I remember I want to get my real estate licence and this money is perfect for that, because I can definitely get the ball rolling on that aspect of life. My roommates’s friend is looking for a home and many other people are also and that it great extra cash for really just being a middle man, with great vernacular and a winning personality.

Over all my day was horrible at the strip club, but it made me remember all the reasons why I was stripping and why you can’t just strip forever. Stripping can be a business, but it is not a business with longevity unless you want to be a house mom or strip club manager and I have no ambition to do any of those things. At the most I would like to sell commercial real estate to someone looking to open up a strip club and that is all :). I’m glad I have this clarity now and I would like to spend the rest of this day in a productive manner since I have many things to do to make this room more like home.

A few things I will be shopping for is a

  • an area rug
  • comforter
  • desk
  • chair
  • upholstered chair
  • small couch
  • wall tapestry

I am excited about new days, and remembering why I’m here on this earth.

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