The Importance of Perseverance and Consistency

I was thinking yesterday about how horrible my day was and I couldn’t figure out how I had let myself get in such a bad mood. I tried to think back on what I did that week where I made a lot of money and what I had done different. I thought long and hard to try to reminisce on what that week was like and why it had gone so awesome and I finally remembered! I went to work everyday! I actually planned to work 4 days that week and I ended up working 5 days! Then the club I made the money at wasn’t even the club I scheduled myself to work at and I hopped around to 3 different clubs that week and I hadn’t planned on doing that either. I’d actually planned on working 4 days shifts at the same club the same shift and I ended up working 2 day shifts at one club, 1 night shift at a different club and 2 night shifts at a different club.

Now That I remember I was also grateful for the money I had made and I put it to good use. I didn’t waste it away on useless things such as alcohol lol, and I didn’t get in a bad mood about not making the money I wanted I just had a “well tomorrow will be better” attitude. And that actually happened.

I actually rewired brain to work and believe that I was going to make money no matter what even if I hadn’t made any money the day before. I also got my body in the routine of going to work even if I had a bad day before that didn’t stop me, because I was on a mission. I worked so hard that no couldn’t be an answer and eventually my skin grew thick to where the no’s meant nothing to me and my dancing began to get better with these guys too, because once I got them  in my web I didn’t want to let them go and I wanted to milk them for all they were worth and more.

Finally the bottom line is never give up and always give 110% of any job you are doing because that is what the people came for. They can tell when you aren’t into it and when you are into it they will be begging for more…. JUST SHOW UP!

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