I Had An Absolutely Horrible Day Yesterday

Ok first of all it was my first day back at work since I moved so of course I was anticipating to have an amazing day. When I got there I paid my house fee up front and that was $20. I arrived at 11:45 am and the club was completely dead until 2:00 pm. At this point I’m panicking a little so I want to do a shot or 2 to get myself in a more fun. The only problem there is I haven’t even done one dance and I see other girls around getting dances from everyone. I try not to compare myself to them, but its hard. I see other girls working the room and making money. At this point I have done one dance for this wrinkly old man who really didn’t seem too interested idk or maybe it was me, because I was in a shitty mood.

By this time its 4:00 and I’ve spent my only money on lunch and I was going to start a tab, but the bartender wouldn’t let me because she said she didn’t know me like that and it was like my mood went from a 3 to a -20 within seconds of her saying that, but I’m still happy because at least I have food coming. Every guy I tried to talk to after that must have read my vibe, because I wasn’t all the way there yesterday and I was also 100% sober which there is nothing wrong with that, but given my mood it didn’t help at all. One other wrinkly old man was completely rude to me, these Mexicans were too, all the white men were saying they were already taken its like I had the “don’t f*ck with this girl she’s in a shitty mood” sign on my face and I’m sure I did, because I was.

Me and another girl who wasn’t having such good luck sat with these 3 black guys who were full of it and she tried everyone, and finally found a guy because her mood was way more ambitious than mines.  She’s also had like 6 drinks and she was feeling awesome. The last guy I talked to was an older black guy who just wanted to tell someone about how awesome he thought his life was lol. He was telling me about some radio interview he had just left with Bill Bellamy and blah blah f*cking blah, then the conversation turned into some business tips I was giving him  away for free, which even he said I should start charging people for one on one consultations. After he was on a high from all this intellectual conversation I was giving him I remembered how crappy my day was and then I noticed this guy wasn’t giving me any money so I got a little silent and kept axiously rambling lol. He eneded up trying to exchange contact info and before we could do so I got called on stage. While I was on stage this dickhead tipped me $2  so I didn’t go back over there and I left right after.

At the end of the day the girl tried to get me to stay over for another shift until 12:00 am, but my mood wasn’t changing so I just decided to leave. When I left I saw all of her positive thinking paying off and she was so busy I couldn’t even say goodbye to her lol. I was happy for her, because she’d kinda stuck with me all day, but I wasn’t happy enough to want to stay so I left on a mission to lift my spirits ….this story has a happy ending, see you in the next blog post 🙂


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