How I’ve Been Felling Since Moving Away From Home : Entitled, Poor Family Members

Well I would like to begin by saying I am very very proud of myself. I deserve so much more credit then the lack there of vocal credit I am given, but I am an adult and I will deal with my emotions myself since I’ve grown to be expected to do so. I have been very happy and satisfied with my move, but I have been feeling a bit lonely. I can think of many things I can do with all the open time I have though.

At this very moment this is my 3rd night at my new place and my family has no idea I have moved out or where I am. Unfortunately I come from a very poor, yet entitled family. Had I discussed my hopes of moving my family wouldn’t have had many words of encouragement and I didn’t want to deal with the cold silence because of the questions they have about my move. My family has money issues and has always branded themselves poor. I heard them label us vocally as an impoverished family my whole life and they still speak that way today. When adults that you are looking up to your whole life tell you that you are poor that makes you believe that’s all you will ever be. Last year when I was 22 I began to think differently and I could tell that my family didn’t like it when ¬†became heavily interested in entrepreneurship and being seriously successful. I thought that they would be happy for me, but instead they were just kind of cold and emotionless towards those ideas that I had. That was very weird to me.

I’m just going to continue to grow and live a happy life. I have decided to give my aunt who I was living with some money just because I never want anyone to feel like I used them and didn’t appreciate them. I also don’t like someone feeling like I owe them something and my family is that type.

I am sleeping better each new day and I’m also excited to begin decorating and just living a peaceful happy life.


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