How I Maintain My Body Hair As A Stripper

Well first of all I want to say that every man like different things so don’t remove your hair if you like it and it makes you comfortable and it’s your style. I work with a couple of girls who keep their pubic hair and one girl has a thicker bush and its totally cute on her. I also let my hair grow to a bit of a shadow sometimes myself. I get really positive reactions from men when I do have a little bit of hair because any real man knows that a grown woman has pubic hair and there is just no way around that. Now on to some fun talk.

How do you remove your pubic hair?

With my actual pubic hair on my vagina and butt I get a full Brazilian Wax. The procedure goes as following. I get a hard wax on the actual vagina, inside the vagina and all butt hair is removed. Next the wax lady soft waxes my inner thighs and outside butt skin hair.

How long have you been getting Brazilian Waxes?

I have been getting this wax procedure done for approximately 2 years and I have the type of hair that is highly prone to ingrown hair and I absolutely will do everything in my power not to shave my vagina hair because it is very painful for me, yes more painful than the wax.

How long does the Brazilian Wax procedure last? 

My Brazilian Waxes never exceed 20 minutes.

What is the pain level of your Brazilian Waxes?

Well it is a little painful, but it is also a mind over matter thing and the results are very much worth the pain for me. The first time was less painful than the second time for me as well and I’m not sure why that was. My next few times depended on how long I let the hair grow as well and my wax people do not trim the hair for you so if you go in with a full bush then expect a high pain level as well. Also the more waxes you get the finer the hair will grow and the less painful the waxes will become. Over the course of 2 years my pubic hair has gone from growing really thick and full to growing much slower and finer, which I love because I have and outrageous bush growth.

How often do you get Brazilian Waxes? 

I get a wax about every 2 months. Sometimes I go longer, but in the beginning it is recommended you get a wax every 4 weeks. That is only if you want to maintain a constant smooth look, but I wasn’t looking for a constant smooth look and I don’t mind a little hair sometimes.

Where do you get you Brazilian Waxes done? 

My favorite place to get Brazilian Waxes here in Atlanta is Rio Body Wax. The Wax costs exactly $35 and I always tip $5-$10.


How do you maintain the rest of you body hair? 

I shave my legs and underarms about once every week or two. I get my eyebrows threaded once  a month and I wax my upper lip at home.





  1. Martian · April 10, 2016

    But as a man I would like the natural hair. Shaving and all that is not a good thing. Is the waxing good for health? I don’t feel so.


    • Stripper Notes · April 13, 2016

      I like a little hair, but a lot is kind of uncomfortable for me. I don’t see anything unhealthy about it if you have good hygiene, wear clean panties and maintain a healthy diet

      Liked by 1 person

      • Martian · April 13, 2016

        Hmm that’s right


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