Everyday Is A New Day To Make Money And Don’t Judge Tomorrow By Today Or Yesterday

So as you all know I have graduated to a freak nasty classy money making stripper. I found my style of dance and I’ve learned how to converse with client much better. Since I have found my style and learning how to enjoy myself at work and speak things into existence of course my money has gone up. With all that being said this is still a numbers game and sometimes the numbers will not be in your favor. Don’t take the numbers not being in your favor as a personal attack on you and sometimes when that happens you just have to take a shot of tequila and hustle harder.

When I say the numbers not being in you favor is there more be more girls at the club that day then there is customers. When there aren’t many people in the club you need to turn up your attitude and don’t be afraid to approach people who you would normally not approach and take control. You also can’t be afraid of anyone because this is your house and they came to see you. 

There is always an opportunity to make money and statistics will tell you that if you keep doing something everyday then you will become good at it as long as you put your all into what you are doing.

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