Meeting My Roommates

So today I met a few of my roommates friends and she has some interesting people in her life lol. She has this one friend who we will call Brenda. Brenda is the same age as me and my roommate and she’s every mistake I’m trying desperately not to be. Like every 20- something year old woman she’s looking for a man while trying to juggle finding her dream career. She was beating herself up about breaking her 6 month celibacy for her horrid ex-boyfriend that she ran into at a popular bar here in Atlanta. She claims she messed up so bad and she feels really bad about ruining this bond she had with God.I completely understand believe me. I told her what any woman needs to hear. Seeing this guy was temping I know, but just remember every reason why you left him and if you really want him back then let him come to you. She claims she heard through the grapevine that he really loves her, but he just can’t be faithful to any woman right now and if that’s true then she should absolutely just work on herself because he just doesn’t respect her and that’s the reality of the situation. That may just not be the man for her and he may just be a man that God is trying to keep her from. I’ve been there and I’m there now and I’ll always be here I don’t work on myself and that’s the reality of the situation.

My roommate also has guy friends which is interesting to me, because I don’t know if I have actual guy friends. I know they all want me in their back pocket. Okl her one guy friend is a guy she  went to college with and he’s the typical sweet guy that always gets overlooked. I can just tell he’s a sweet heart. He’s the type of guy who you would never think would cheat on you, and if he did you’d probably forgive him and never think he’d do it again. He’s so sweet and I’m gonna stay away from him because I’d totally break his heart lol. She is so passing him up as a love interest and its so obvious he’s probably in love with her or something. He second guy friend is the typical cute guy. This guy kinda looks like Future and I know he as no problem with the ladies and she totally wants to be in his back pocket, but I know she isn’t his type at all lol. He is a cheater and he kinda admitted to it, this is the kind of guy I’d probably wanna have some fun with too, but fun is always fun until you realized you let this guy bang you and he’s a complete waste of a penis.

Me, I’m just sitting on the patio of Fellini’s alone eating my expensive pizza and beer trying so hard not t call another waste of a penis and wishing I was just into the good guy that I need to be into. I haven’t met that guy yet, but I know he’ll be right there once I get my real estate licence, grow my eBay business to satisfaction and stack up those stripper dollars and make them do some more backwards flips.

I’m out yall ….. gotta finish putting my bed together so I can sleep alone lol. Nah its not that interesting, but there is no progress without these lonely night.

Oh yeah I have another roommate. He’s a little white gay guy who I know will be something awesome because he puts in his lonely hours too 🙂

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