Finally Moved Out

So I just transitioned into my new home and I ‘m very excited about that. This feels so unreal to me and I have no idea why,but its so amazing. Being alone is definitely a trying time, but I’ll make the most of this “free” time and build myself into the person I want to be. My roommates are very nice, but one thing I must remember is these people are nice, but they are my roommates and not my friends. Also I don’t know if I really like having roommates and how long I can live with other people, but I won’t get too comfortable and I will try save as much money as I can while I’m living here. I can tell they like to go out a lot, and that’s fine for them, but not for me. Let me explain further, They helped me put together my Ikea bed and I appreciate that and afterwards they invited me out and I declined because I have things to do such as continue moving and writing this blog post lol. I also do not want to get distracted but thinking I’ve met the new cycle of amazing people in my life while simultaneously neglecting this time that I need to myself. Furthermore I will still be sticking to a schedule and getting the things I need done done.

As a stripper I will continue to make the most out of this experience and job and do the most financially responsible things I can do with my money and most importantly my TIME. Time is so precious and while I’m young I don’t fully understand, but I never want to be that person wondering where all the time went and why I’m not in the position I want to be in.

I am excited to be moving, but my move was for independence and not dependence upon new friends however I will make sure to pencil in some spontaneous fun with them when I can afford to do that. As of now I will continue to do the following

  • Work my scheduled days and hours
  • Go to the park and write my blog posts
  • write about my personal feelings  and life experience as I grow
  • Not give away too much of myself
  • Always put my own priorities first
  • Grow my business
  • Live a financially responsible life


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