The Amazing People I Meet At The Strip Club

Most men and women at the strip club just wanna feel me up and watch me dance around naked and that’c cool I totally get that, but I do occasionally come across some beautiful souls that make me want to just into the depth of happiness. So I’m the kind of girl who has will forever crush on the type of guy I’m trying to get over lol. So That man comes in and of course he’s the aura of my failing relationship so I jut want to sit and pick his brain. Moreover being just like the man I know he allows me to do so and of course hiding his true manly intention, but that’s my place to resist temptation as well so we just talk. He looks like a really bad time in a good way and most of the time I don’t let the guys get that much time if they aren’t spending any money, but his conversation was so great and he gave me some advice that he referred to as “lap dances” because I guess they were so valuable.

First off he told me enjoy being young, get to know myself before i give myself away to a man for marriage or in bed. He explained that when you are looking for the right man you have to get to know him aside from the fun times you two will share in physical bliss. Know how this man keeps home and how you keep home, know his eating habits, and know what you he is willing ti change for you and what you are willing to change for him if anything. I think the most important thing he told me that I will remember forever with any man I deal with in the future is asking a man his credit score and you telling him yours as well. This is the true test. You may not know anything about this man except how great his abs are and how hard he goes in the gym, but once you know his credit score you will know how he handled his business before he met you and vice versa. If your credit score isn’t important to him then that will say a few things about him. This part is my own thoughts. The first thing it will say is he doesn’t want a future with you and just wants a piece of that cookie. Secondly it will say he doesn’t keep business very well and is also attempting to hide something from you and its up to you to decide if you want to have the credit score discussion with you, because even if your credit score is bad his may be a graveyard of skeletons and neglected responsibilities. The last thing is something we all want to believe and that is that this guy is our lord and savior and he would never judge us based on a few past mistakes and computer generated numbers. This guy may be out there, but nothing is that perfect and this guy will definitely not make you as happy as you want. You need responsibility and purpose in your life and getting off too easy is never a good choice.

Well ladies and gents if you love yourself never be afraid to ask the tough questions and remember its not what you say, but HOW you say it 🙂

My amazing acquaintance obviously learned the hard way, which is the most fun way  and I appreciate him for sharing his experience with me.



  1. James · April 9, 2016

    I am really enjoying your blog You are as I expected, a very talented and thoughtful young lady. Hopefully I’ll move up your top five list but I am just excited to be on your radar. ” “What do you value most in life, money or respect” LOL


    • Stripper Notes · April 13, 2016

      awwww thank you ! 🙂 I don’t really have a top 5, but you’re high on there if I do have one lol. I need to think some more about that question some more, because that’s actually a very real question


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