How Has Money Been This Week?

Ok so I knew this week would be a very busy week for me because I committed myself to helping my little cousin with her prom. I wasn’t sure how many days I would actually be able to successfully work my schedule without burning myself out so I tried to start the week strong. Ok so Tuesday was a really good day for me except the fact that I got a little too tipsy at work, but I don’t regret it lol. I also spent some time with the guy who I was dating and had a talk with him that I should have had a long time ago which was about us actually breaking things off which you guys know is very hard when you are comfortable with someone. I spent a little time the next day at his home with his family and then I left and at this point my mojo to go to work was absolutely depleted. So my good start to the week was already hitting major rocks in the road and throwing me off emotionally. Even though I didn’t go to work I did pick some money up that I was owed so that was an awesome thing. Now this is still Wednesday and I realized I wasn’t going to work because I wasn’t emotionally feeling it so I decided to run an important errand and pick up my community service letter of completion only to find out that the letter said I was 7 hours short so they asked me if I wanted to stay and complete these hours and I did so. I feel this was an awesome use of the day and I actually enjoy the people in my community service so it also made me happy to be there.

Now the next day is Thursday and I wake up and hit the ground running with my little cousin because her prom is the very next day and we are running errands a mile a minute and I am exhausted by the end of the day, but I was still prepared to go to work. I ended up not going to work because she said she wanted me to come over later, but I ended up not coming over so I kinda wish I would’ve gone to work. but its cool. Friday was crazy we woke up early for hair, makeup and MELTDOWNS lol but everything was beautiful and I had to be there for her because I love her so much. Now it Friday night and I am very very very tired, but I thought work would be good since we had Blac Chyna there last week. Now I feel like we had a decent crowd, but I was just way too tired and should’ve just called it a day after I saw my cousin off to prom. The club wasn’t that busy and on top of that my energy was very low and the vibe was just off for me. I tried to make the best of it, but it was just a flop.

Next after that was Saturday and I was still very tired and I spent hours looking for a bed and all that and that was something I absolutely had to do get done and I did thank goodness so now I can finally stay home. I knew I wasn’t going to work so I just took a breather and got myself together mentally after seeing what I wrote about in my previous blog post.

Today is Sunday and I’m waiting for the bed to be delivered and I guess everything is setting and I’m having mixed emotions, but I’m ready to start this week off good and productive. I’m ready to hit some goals and produce lots of things while I’m home and most of all have peace away from my annoying family. I just can’t drown in the sea of sorrow with them anymore. I haven’t been eating or drinking any water and i’m ready to get back on schedule and live a happy life for myself.

Lastly I want to say that this has been a very emotionally busy week for me and I’m just ready to get some peace of mind and relax. I am happy to have other things to focus on besides a relationship, and I am happy to get away from an environment that has been internally restrictive and oppressive.

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