How I Use The Law Of Attraction As A Stripper

First of all lets be clear you control any and everything that has happened and will ever happen to you with your mind. No this is not some magical mind control it is simply you being in control of your life and using positive thought process to do that. It is also very important to hold yourself accountable and this means you cannot blame bad things that happen to you on other people no matter what they did to you you always had and still have the option to change those things.

Ok now that all of that is out of the way I will tell you my story of how I use the Law Of Attraction as a stripper to make money. First of all when I began stripping I was using the Law Of Attraction and I didn’t even know it. When I say this I mean I had a planned purpose and goal when I went into work and I just wasn’t shooting for any random dollar amount when I went into work. When using the Law Of Attraction you have to have a plan, goal or purpose. This is very important and if you don’t have this then the Law will not work for you. Your goal can be anything from wanting a McDonald’s happy meal to wanting to make enough money that night to pay off one month’s car payment or even your full tuition for the semester.

I do not constantly focus on that goal the whole night, but it is my mission for being. If I were to worry about the goal then I probably would worry myself into beig broke and that has happened. When I want to make the money I want I fully put all of my energy into doing the best job I can do on stage and while giving dances. Before when I wasn’t making money I realized I had no real goal because I hadn’t planned on moving from home anytime soon and I was just shooting in the dark for what ever I could get so I would end up with basically nothing and most of the time that would be under $50 which is terrible. I saw girls effortlessly making money and that made me worry even more. I began to have the mindset that there wasn’t enough money to go around and that’s and even more terrible mindset to have when using the Law Of Attraction while stripping. There is plenty of money to go around! Most men leave the club and still have lots of cash that could’ve been yours if you weren’t so busy thinking negatively and lacking the confidence to speak to them.

Now I follow a certain procedure when I go into work. First of all I release all negative thoughts and superstition I may have carried around. Next I wear what feels comfortable to me and not what everyone else is wearing. Different things work for different girls so don’t think you have to look just like someone at your club who makes a lot of money. You may not have the same goals and mindset of that girl so your experience will be totally different and you are just setting yourself up to feel even more bad about yourself.

The next thing I had to was figure out what kind of dancer I was. Like I said in my previous post I am 5’6 100 lbs soaking wet so I have a very long and elegant body as opposed to a voluptuous twerker body. I used to try to dance like girls with curvier bodies, but I had to realize that that simply does not work for me and it actually works against me and just looks ridiculous.I dance in a more seductive way and I love my body now, because when I have conversation with people I am so bold and outgoing that it makes them wonder how I am going to dance. Then I begin my seduction and they are hooked.

Finally I want to touch on something that is probably the hardest part of stripping for most women and that is the rejection. You will always have to try when you are using Law Of Attraction and that is going to be the case with anything in life. You probably didn’t move into the first apartment you looked up or bought the first car you researched so what makes you think stripping will be any different? When stripping you have to have thick skin and just know that as long as you have a positive personality you can’t be focused on the no’s you only have to focus on the yes’s and personally when I began to do that I didn’t even pay attention to the no’s. They were just simply people I conversed with and kept it moving to the one’s that really liked me. If you remain positive and follow these directions you will probably experience very little rejection or not any noticeable rejection unless the guy just want to be a douche and if that’s the case you probably don’t want to dance for him anyway. Moreover you should be dancing for someone who is celebrating your body and your presence and nothing less. I will do a few dances for random people here or there, but if I am really spending time with you then you need to be celebrating my body and my presence and nothing less.

So I will conclude with a small checklist to using the Law Of Attraction while stripping

  1. Have a real goal in mind
  2. Wear something that makes you feel sexy
  3. Do not fear talking to people
  4. Know what type of dancer you are for you’re body type
  5. Only focus on people who celebrate your presence
  6. Make that money!
  7. Watch you goal become reality



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