What Happened To My Brain and Shopping Habits Once I Began Making More Money

Before I got into the groove of being a stripper I was making no money , now that all of that has changed my attitude towards money is totally different. The simplest thing such as buying a fast food meal made me feel good as well as gave me anxiety. I could not clearly think about where my money was going or what state of mind to be in because I was always focused on the lack of money I had. Furthermore each day felt like I was falling in to a deficit and my cravings to spend money were heightened with every thought. I thought maybe if I had those new eyelashes I would finally begin to make more money. I finally realized that everything I needed to make money I already had and that is my personality.

Moreover since I’ve began making more money I don’t think about spending money as often. Now if I’m hungry I’ll wait until I get home to eat or eat a snack I already  have in my car. If I’m at the club I may have someone purchase something for me to eat or at the very most split a meal with one of the dancers. Moreover when I think about going shopping for those new clothes or accessories I put my priorities into perspective first and then my mind also wants to save for a rainy day since I know I don’t like the feeling of not having money. It also takes me no time to get ready for work because I don’t feel the need to do extra things and I am confident with what ever way I choose to look that night and recently I have been wearing minimal makeup, and that has been so comfortable for me.

Also when I think about doing some shopping I instantly think about all the things I already love to wear, but have not worn in a while or this week. In addition to that I am absolutely comfortably with the dance wear I already have and  the feeling of buying something new does not give me pleasure because I know the person wearing the clothes is more important than the clothes the person is wearing.

Superstition also works that way to me because when you believe in superstition you are basically believing in bad things definitely happening. That time you are using thinking about those bad things could be used thinking about great things happening, but I guess the media wouldn’t be wealthy if they told you that. Bottom line, just believe in yourself and all you’re awesome abilities just as strong as you believed in those superstitions.

Finally when I think about the money I have been making I think about my goals and the purpose for me stripping I realize that I’m not a stripper to buy lots of pretty outfits. I became a stripper as a vehicle to gain my freedom from things I need to release myself from. I am so happy I took the leap to transition from living at home and while I know that no situation is perfect I know it is time for me to grow and be happy.

Thank You for reading and have a wonderful day 🙂


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