I Finally Found My Stripper Groove and Make The Money I Deserve

I’m so excited to announce that I  am finally a stripper! I took me a while, but everybody has to find what works for them and no two strippers are the same and can be the same. I used to look around and wonder how those girls could easily talk any man for the most part out of all of his money and I just couldn’t figure it out. I would ask the best stripper all the questions I could and they would happily answer any question I asked because they knew that I couldn’t steal their thunder. My issue was I was trying to be like someone and I just needed to be myself. It’s not something that you can really be taught its just a matter of you knowing yourself. I will give you some examples.

First off no two bodies are the same. You can get as close as you want in weight, but the soul in the capsule will not be the same no matter what. Some girls may be able to train you to be like them and that system will work if you stick to it, but eventually you will realize that you are not exactly like that person and if you are you probably aren’t happy. I had such an effortless night and I didn’t need to get drunk of high to do so. Everyone who was in my presence absolutely loved me because they could tell I was not bull sh*tting them. I have a small frame and I was requested to dance by people who I feel like would not normally want me to dance for them even if I asked. Since I have found my groove I don’t even have to ask for dances everyone asks me because I exude my worth thru my personality. I was genuinely attentive and assertive and made no apologies for what I approached them about.

Another very very important topic I want to touch on when finding your groove as a female stripper is you have to have you emotions in order. Leave that depression and relationship issues at the door and it’s best if you  not pick them up, because feeling a certain type of way can definitely affect your money. Last night I decided that if I’m going to do this I cannot and will not be with anyone who makes the following statements. “Your a dancer so you must make so much money.” Fist off my finances are not a man’s business and if you are in a so called relationship with me then you should still be willing to support me even if I am a successful stripper.

I will from now on check my feeling at the door and focus on giving the customers a good time that I want them to pay for. I don’t plan on having any more bad days at work because if I am going to be doing this alone I refuse to let anything distract me, because thatis a severe for of self harm it is so not needed.


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