Blac Chyna’s Coming To My Club Today !

I’ve totally been crushing on Blac Chyna lately. I admire her for putting on a brave face for the media in the midst of the drama with her son’s father leaving her for her ex-best friend’s little sister, I know that must have been a difficult time for her. It absolutely ludicrous. She really gave the Kardashian Klan a surprise when she started dating Rob and I love the whole entire situation lol. I love the graceful ghetto comeback :).  Even of their relationship  is fake I still adore it and he’s clearly a willing participant so there’s really nothing bad the media can say. I even love that Kris Jenner pretends to act like she doesn’t know Blac Chyna. Clearly you know the ex-girlfriend of the man  your youngest daughter is f*cking, but I digress. I’d never expect to be in the position to be reporting anything like this, but here I am lol

Anyhow I’m very excited to party it up with Chyna !


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