Day Shift at the Strip Club

So stripping has been bumpy for me, and life hasn’t been perfect, but I’m grateful for good days very much. I’m in the process of moving and learning to be happily single, and such madness lol. I’m at new club and I’ve only been working night shifts and today was my first day shift and honestly I love it, I’m definitely a day shift girl for now. I life the slow and steady pace of day shift and night shift is just a sea of girl with huge butts and the competition is just too crazy. This one girl told me the only difference between day shift and night shift is the way you think and I understand that, but I don’t even want to have that type of shark infested mind set. Most night shift girls live to dance and its all they pretty much ever want to do. I love dancing and I respect dancers, but night shift dancers are ruthless and they are also vampires. The night shift starts at 8:00 pm and it ends at 3:45 am on weekdays and 2:45 am on weekends. I can leave work a few hours earlier if I’m are satisfied of fed up with being there, but that is no guarantee if there aren’t many girls working that night. My  new club has lots of girls so that really isn’t an issue.  I get home at about 3:45 am-4:30 am depending on how the night goes. Day shift on the other hand begins at 11:00 am – 8:00 pm. I feel like I have more of a life working in the day time, but I can work a night shift if need be or  if I want some overtime.

SN: I think I ran into one of my old teachers too today. Although I couldn’t really recognize him, I’m 100% sure he worked at either my middle or high school, and he was trying to finger my butt, yuck. Yes girls be ready for stripping and all its glory lol.


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