Stripper Prayers

So in case you don’t know there is great power in prayer and this does not pertain to any specific religion. I like to also refer to prayer as meditation, but there is great spiritual power in the acct when I call in prayer. Everything I am saying is from my personal experience and you are also entitled your own practices, however I ‘m guessing if you are reading this blog then you find my opinion somewhat valuable. I don’t feel like I pray as much as I should and much o this comes from laziness and fear.I don’t think I have to explain the laziness, but I will. I sometimes allow myself to believe the lie that I don’t have time to pray or it will take too much time and its wasteful. There can be enormous power in a five minute prayer and if you don’t have five minutes a day to dedicate to your life’s purpose then you may very well be really lost for a long time.

There is the greater power to why I lack the act of prayer sometimes and its fear, yes fear. The definition of fear according to is “an unpleasant emotion caused by the belief that someone or something is dangerous, likely to cause pain, or a threat.”. I somehow convinced myself that prayer is the reason for bad things happening thus I feared something so beneficial to my well being. I believe I once thought that if I didn’t get everything I prayed for exactly the way I prayed for it that the reason my prayers weren’t fulfilled was simply because of the act I took in praying.Fear is such strong emotion it can keep you from accomplishing a lot of things you want to pursue in life.

In the same fashion, I also feared prayer for the completely opposite reason. I feared that everything I prayed for would come to be and I wouldn’t be able to handle such responsibility, thus losing everything I’d be praying for because of me. Prayer is so powerful. Prayer gives you guidance and gives your purpose a path to follow. Prayer is the inner light leading the way and you are the captain with the orders to give. Through prayer there is no wrong answer and you will be in the hands of the highest protection.

I want you to receive a clear illustration of prayer so I will tell you some ways of prayer that work for me. Ok first off the highest form of prayer for me is solitude. In my moment of solidarity is the scariest and most vulnerable and it is when I am of most use to myself. Most of the time I prefer complete silence, unless I am vibing to wise words of powerful noises. I like to close my eyes and trust that I am alone and can follow myself. I take this time to assess what I want and how I can presently my moves immediately to be closer to what it is I am praying for. I am normally in a highly alert state of mind at this time and the directions are very clear. Furthermore I leave no room for doubt and my opinion is the only opinion that matters, because ultimately happiness is the choice I have to make for myself and any outside opinion is selfish and that’s a humanly fact. Nearing the end of this prayer I send signals of gratitude for the ability to receive this powerful strength of enlightenment and moreover the high rate of motivation and end the prayer before I become side tracked. I normally don’t become very sidetracked during prayer because every message is clear and each moment is precious.

I’ll end this with a more mild, yet equally intense form of prayer and this prayer is once that I perform when I am in highly sensitive situation in the presence of other people. I somehow create a mental focal point and recite a mantra for how I want the situation to end or to affect me. For example I was recently having a discussion with a family member that had taken advantage of my kindness and was attempting to convince me that the lord forgave them and basically didn’t take any responsibility for the way they treated me. I wanted to remain calm which was becoming difficult, because I felt like they were trying to open the door to treat me this way again. At some point in the conversation I became conscious that this was not the type of situation I wanted to continue to be manipulated in and I chose to pray for forgiveness for my anger towards that person. I prayed for forgiveness for my anger because this is a person I love and I do not want my anger to allow me to hold a grudge and I am still able to be aware of what caused the anger thus having the ability to exit the situation properly and not enter the situation again. I also  took that time to reflect on what kind of relationship I want to have with this family member for future reference and I came to the conclusion our relationship is better left on the surface and anything deep shall only be lightly touched and not entertained. I also limit the interaction I have with this person, because that can be a subconsciously detrimental if you don’t properly assess the company you keep whether they be a family member or not.

I am still fearful of this growing process, but I will focus on the happiness I am afraid of and be strong for that.


  1. Miss Dinie · March 31, 2016

    OK.. I would say meditate with some incense, like Tina Turner! That should calm you down and centre you before going onstage.


    • Stripper Notes · April 1, 2016

      I just get in my sexy zone before I get on stage and try not to let anything break my focus, because that crowd can be tough sometimes. especially the women customer who are there with their man lol

      Liked by 1 person

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