Dating While Stripping pt.2

I wrestle with what men will think of me once I tell them I’m a stripper. They never care and most men love it, even the most conscious and respectable men can be wrestled down by a stripper so ladies its up to you to actively get your respect and not just verbally demand it. You’re already stripping for other men and to be honest men are as selfish as woman and to expect him to just respect you because you ask for it is naive. You are making your ow money, however you are not rich and I know this from experience. All of us women crave that one man we want and all men crave us so don’t just give all your emotions away in the heat of the moment to that one man who feeds your ego.  You need and deserve a man and if the man you are involved with is not willing to be that man then just leave. Choosing a man while stripping is like dealing with a used car salesman. You want what they have and they want what you have, but what you have is ultimately more valuable. Be willing to walk away if the standards are not met and don’t fall for the “nice package with short comings”. If he’s says all the right things and revs your engine, but can’t get you from point a to point b you absolutely have to be willing to walk away. Just like that used car salesman he wants everything on his terms and its up to you  to decide if this guy is a lemon.

Tell him what you need and what you require and if he isn’t willing to meet those standards then walk away. Lol and laugh about it. Who wants a lemon car that just looks good and only rides for a month or two. You want something reliable with longevity. You deserve it no matter your occupation. You are a gorgeous beautiful soul who deserves what any woman deserves. Walk away from that shady used car salesman.  He knows your worth and he knows you’ve got the goods that makes him crave you, but if you don’t know your worth then don’t expect him to value you and he will take advantage of you if you allow him to. Demand all your needs are met. If you want him to change those squeaky brakes and he says “what do you mean those brakes are fine” and still claims he can’t go down on the price then explain to him that he isn’t the car for you. In other words if he only calls you during after hours and “doesn’t have time” during the day if that is what you verbally demand. Explain to him that he looks nice and feels nice to drive, but you can’t risk this unreliable vehicle that may not go anywhere during the near future.


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