Back to work after a short break 

Well I will be going back to work tonight and my time off was very productive. If ever you are lost I highly advise you to take a while off even if all you can set aside is 30 minutes to a few days it is good to rest your mind and get your mental affairs in order.

Ever since the age of 16 I’ve been a workaholic hustling to do whatever I can to survive because my parents barely had any extra money to spare aside from the bills. That worked against me because first off all my money never went towards saving and I had no real responsibilities aside from my leisure bills. Working excessively also worked against me because I was always chasing a dollar and never took any time off to see where it was going or where it needed to go.

A friend of mine told me you actually save more money once you do move out on your own and become more responsible and that advice is correct for many reasons. First of all that is correct because when you are on your own you gain more mental and physical freedom. You don’t have someone clocking your every move when you are home so you have more time to see what you would like to do and when you would like to do it. Taking time off also allows you to see where you would like to spend your money and what things were a waste of money. Finally I feel like you allow yourself to enjoy the small things in life and see that the things you purchase don’t make life any better and material things don’t define life rather than what you do with the time you have.

In all honesty I am not thrilled to get back to work, but as long as I remember to take time side for myself and enjoy life in conjunction to work I should be fine.

Scheduling will be key and I will take the remainder of this day to schedule life as I want it on my terms and always place my happiness first.

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