Mood Swings on Fleek

I’m not sure if its the massive growth I’m experiencing or this glass of wine number 2, but I’m definitely highly sensitive at this very moment. Writing is the only stable thing I can see or feel right now. Its absolutely crazy. Being creative is that way I guess. Along with a mix of knowing all the right things to do and not letting them pass you by. Life will never be perfect and I must really know and understand that growth cannot and is not comfortable. Lol that is so laughable to me, but so true. Its crazy how I was just sitting here happier than ever. I think I sat in this spot a moment too long, and I knew it was time to get up and I didn’t.  I love you all for reading and I hope you find some kind of peace in the words I write if you can relate in any way. I love you for being apart of the family and being here in this experience with me.


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