Beginner Stripper Fashion

Stripper clothes are surprisingly expensive. I guess when your making $100-$700 a night you don’t mind dropping $40-$80 dollars on a bikini. I on the other hand consider myself the minimalist stripper even tho those $80 bikinis are tempting there are less expensive options and her names are eBay and Aliexpress. Yes lawd hunty I live for the thrifty stripper clothes. I got to do things my own way darling ;). Now truth be told I am even too broke right now to splurge on anything so for the extremely beginning beginner just go to Walmart and pick up some lacy thongs and a t-shirt bra. Depending on what type of club you working the style of the typical dancer will be different. You guys don’t understand how much just blogging about shopping is exciting me right now lol. In the beginning I bought about 3 pairs of lacy black panties and 3 pair of red lacy panties and 2 bras in each color. I also bought thigh highs form Walmart which were cute, but they were too big for my 5’6 100 lb frame so I lovvvvvve the thigh highs from the beauty supply store which are also $3.50 cheaper, but just not as sturdy.

I eventually got bored with wearing the same thing and I saw all the amazing outfits some of my co-workers were wearing that literally gave me life so I went internet window shopping. When I first went into a strip club and saw those one piece outfits I thought they were disgusting, but now I live to wear one everyday if I can, I don’t, but I dream  lol So the typical cute stripper outfit will run you at the lowest $15.00. Most dancers change outfit 3-5 times a night and that really adds up. On eBay  one of those cute one piece lingerie outfits go for $1.69 and up! Yes Girl! One Dollar and Sixty-Five Cents! I got one and omg I was in love, the problem is I only got one ugh. I was trying to test out eBay’s quality and to be honest eBay and Walmart are neck and neck and with globalization everything is usually made from the same materials and manufactures anyway. I will also insert a list below of places that also sell inexpensive and cute lingerie.

Now I wouldn’t skimp on shoes because who wants their feet hurting while they’re dancing and wearing heels all day so I really recommend the brand “Pleaser’s”  and I wear the “Adore” style of shoe, because its the one I bought and I never really bought another pair yet, but I probably will soon.


  • NOTE ( Bathing Suits can be cute outfits to wear as well) 


Inexpensive Lingerie Stores and a Few Runner Ups ( More Pricey) 

Forever 21 ( $ )

Rue 21 ( $ ) 

H&M ( $ )

Rainbow ( $ )

Star Ship ( $$$)

Star Dust ( $$ )

Junkman’s Daughter ($$$)

Looks of Atlanta ( $$$ )

Pairs on Ponce ( $$$$ ) ( $ ) ( $ ) ( $ )  ( $ )

Victoria’s Secret ( $$$ ) 


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