Have I Been Making Loads of Money As a Stripper ?

So here’s the deal, there are many things to consider if you want to be a stripper, but the money is the first thing that women think about when they finally make the decision to do so. There is a lot of mental work that it takes to make money and you have to first decide what you are willing to do and what you are not willing to do. Like are you and air dancer or a grinder? Also some men enjoy the fantasy and some men want you do get right to the nasty dancing. You also have to learn how to be in control of every situation that you put yourself into because if your not then that leaves time for men to waste your time for free and that’s a no-no.

On an average night you can make anywhere from $25-$700 depending on how hard you work and if you are focused. If you come to work to drink with the customers and other dancers then you are wasting your time. Never be afraid to ask for money because the men know that is why you are there. If they are wasting your time and want to feel on you for free then also don’t be afraid to tell them not to touch you unless you agree for them to do that while they are getting a dance. Even then you don’t have to let them touch you unless the money is worth it for you. I personally do not like men touching me because once you allow them to do all of that the fantasy may be over.

Another aspect to making money is the conversation you have while you are talking. These men want a sexual fantasy so they really don’t care to hear about your problems unless you have formed that kind of relationship with this person an you know they may care about that. Some men want to help you, but they mostly want a sexual fantasy to be fulfilled. If you fail to do this then the man will be bores quickly and want to go on to the next dancer. Never ever discuss your sexual like however, this will be like giving him what he wants for free. Talk to him about things you like to do in your regular life like reading, cooking, shopping, television shows you like, things like this. Always keep a sensual air in the atmosphere.

Making loads of money at then end of the day all depends on your attitude towards work that day. If you go in not feeling like working then you may not make as much money as you want so go in positive and you should hit every goal that you want to.


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