My first day entertaining 

Well you guys need to be caught up on more prelude, but the big day is finally here. I am dressed up, made up and prepared to give my first dance. I was think of telling these guys I do $10 topless and $15 full nude. I think the actual prices are $5 topless $5 full nude omg I can’t do that, but I may have to. The semester’s ending and I’ll be in LA in a little over a week. I’m so ready, I’m taking over that whole city ! I’m finding a club to dance at asap duh ! I’m gonna be soooooo far away I can feel the rush. Basically I’m going for the Victoria’s Secret type of loom since I’m tall and extra lean at 5’6 110, 6’0 with 7 inch heels. My money strategy is $40/ hour which I plan on working my way up. Today is my first day so I’m gonna just learn a few things. I’m actually excited to meet the girls. If they’re b*tches then they have to go. 

Signing off til later with the deets $500 shift yes we can ! 

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