How You Can Be A More Confident Stripper


So now that I have concluded stripping takes very minimal skill and MAXIMUM confidence that is where you should always be mentally in your head.

Give yourself a little credit, you have a job where people pay to see you dance and at most legit clubs the patrons are not allowed to touch you !

Stripping is about being SEDUCTIVE, not being a slut. Being a slutty stripper is cheap and easy. Being seductive takes the right mind set. You have to be confident that you will make all the money you planned to make for that night and if someone doesn’t want a dance form you them that’s their loss and you should move on to the next person who would LOVE to worship you.

While I am out on the town eating dinner at a restaurant I imagine everyone in the restaurant knows me and I could care less about who the hell they are. UNLESS ¬†they politely approach me with a request to serve me in some useful way. Now at the restaurant this was given to me in the form of drinks, compliments and service from people who worked at the restaurant, but weren’t my server. I imagine all of this in my head and I am conscious of my body language. I have proper posture, which looks more graceful and accentuates my thin body more. I am also pleasant with those who properly approach me from the beautiful appearance I use to lure them in and make them feel like they are the sweetest person I’ve ever met.

Another word to the wise is be very very particular about your appearance. If you just throw on any stripper out fit and don’t accessorize your lack of effort will show. Yes you may get attention and tips, but you may not be treated the way you would like to be treated.

Adorn your body with a sexy outfit whether it be lingerie, a sexy bathing suit or a really extravagant stripper costume which is what I would eventually like to get to. I also like lingerie with lots of pieces and things like that.

Also find out what the girls at your club who make the most money recommend. I would love to have beautiful costume jewelry on and a lovely bartender recommended that I wear long hair while I’m at work.

As a beginner remember to keep it simple and DON’T COMPARE YOURSELF !


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