First Day of Pole Class Review


So my first day was nothing like I expected, but it was well needed. No this will not be a post about the technical class, but more of how the class made me feel. Now first of all there were all types of body shapes and ages in this class and I loved that. I probably wasn’t the youngest one there and I also have a friend who’s my age that came along, but we were easily the thinnest. Many of these women take pole fitness classes to get in shape and feel more beautiful.

There were mirrors surrounding the room and many poles there as well. I am not in the greatest shape, but I honestly wasn’t trying to get in shape, but this class showed me how important fitness is even as a STRIPPER ! I also love how each exercise we did could be a sexy floor move if you just took an extra second to make it sexy. Exercising in general is a very sexy practice.

I have ZERO experience on a pole or dancing on stage so this was a good opportunity to get my feet wet. I felt very sexy and confident in class and it removed the stigma of what dancing will be. It will be fun and make me happy I’m sure.

I also got hired at a white club so I won’t be clapping my butt cheeks or pulling tricks out of my pussy lol.

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