Later on Day 7

So I was a little bummed that it wasn’t as easy to obtain a permit as easily as I had hoped, but I am on the right track and I have my appointment set. You never know what kinda of laws are in your favor my legally doing things the correct way.

So at this point I’m interacting with people in my everyday life and they have no idea this beautiful, intelligent sweet girl is on the road to becoming an exotic dancer. I have been around friends who I haven’t told, family, class mates and professors who of course I’m not telling. I am exceptionally beautiful and I am very used to getting complimented by complete strangers on a daily basis which makes me feel more confident these days and confidence is something every dancer needs to be successful.

I am still a little shy about the club scene so I want to get used to it more and even though I don’t have my permit I went to the club to see if I really needed it ti start and yes I do. They run a legit establishment and you can’t dance with out it.

The first time I went to the club there were no girls working and this time there was one white girl on the pole, a single man observing and a couple there cuddled up in a table. I couldn’t tell if the girl was a dancer or not. There was also 2 bartenders there because this club has two bars. Most black strip clubs aren’t as decked out and decorated as white strip clubs. This one is beautiful.

When I got out of my car there was also another girl getting out of her car as well. She was very light skinned, had on a red wig with some loose curls in it and a short black dress with a mini back pack on. She was very thick and I’m still trying to get a feel for the type of girls that work there and I assume every woman I see there is already a dancer,but she was trying to get hired. She was from New York and needed work asap. We both spoke with another woman and I spoke with a few bartenders who welcomed me with open arms. The girl from New York was told she wasn’t skinny enough for this clubs so thick girls know what type of clubs accepts your body type. I have never considered any of that because I’ve been a rail my whole life with nice boobs to match. The bouncers recommended some clubs to her and so did I and I make sure to try to stay in contact with as many girls as possible so I give her my number. She headed to a club that they told her does not require a permit in a seedy part of Atlanta.

I also have pole dancing classes scheduled and that is perfect since I don’t start for another 7 days. This will allow me time to condition a bit and groom my body.

I am now a little comfortable with my new club.

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