Day 6

I just woke up and dancing has been on my mind so much that its beginning to be a little normal. I actually met one my good friend’s friend who is also a dancer with a similar body type as me and I got some good insight without spilling the beans on my plans. It sucks that I have to be secretive because I know how jealous and discouraging people can be. This girl legit makes it seem like you have to be a Beyonce like trained dancer to strip. LOL This is all so funny to me. I would love to share this interesting journey with the girls closet to me but I can’t handle the judgmental and discouraging commentary at this point in my decision.

I have to go get a wax and get my outfit together. After that I will set an appointment to get my permit and head over to the club later on tonight. Believe it or not I think I will enjoy it. I’m a young woman and I deserve to have the right to choose what I want to do and I am choosing to do this. I can’t wait to have the money ! I really really just want the money. At This point my main concern is how I will have to dance on stage and their style of lap dancing. Every club has rules thank goodness because I don’t want people touching me and being rude.

I also understand that there is an enjoyable aspect to dancing. Besides the men being absolutely mesmerized it is quite enjoyable for the dancer also. I don’t mind getting some pleasure from the job seeing as I am single and lacking attention myself so this can be the best of both worlds. I was mainly concerned about the degradation but c’mon I’m no virgin and I’ve never been in an official relationship with most of my sexual partners so a lap dance for money sounds right up my alley.

I think I’m ready to live my life for me and stop apologizing for things I want to do and also stop being worried about what people think about me. Especially people who didn’t call me when I needed a shoulder to lean on the most. lol Its kinda funny to think about how we put people on such high pedestals that server no fundamental purpose in our lives.


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