Day 4

So I was laying in the bed Saturday morning from a stripper documentary filled night. I woke up  a mission in mind and I took a shower got dressed, did my make up and went to a legit looking club just outside of the city. When I pulled up the club was a huge place. A security guard asked me if I was there to work and I shyly told him I was there to apply. I didn’t know what to expect after I told him that and he told me he would take me to the house mom. I walked across the huge club that was decorated beautifully with poles and seating areas.

All I can think about is if I can really actually dance for men. I go to the back where I see lockers and mirrors and then a late 20ish short petite white woman approached me and I was expecting a middle aged type of woman, but this woman was very youthful and beautiful. She basically looked at me and hired me, no audition necessary yay me ! I still have to get up there and show them what I got on Monday though. The house mom gave me an application to get my permit which will be $200. Thankfully I have a little money saved up to get this permit. I also spoke with one of the dancers who was so very helpful and made me feel very welcomed and I just loved this atmosphere of the club.

I left feeling awesome and I spent the rest of the day looking for shoes which are a little pricey especially at retail cost. I went back to another Starship location, but they didn’t have shoes at location. I then got fed up and looked online for a store that would have shoes, I called Stardust and they had shoes so which were $40.00 more than the online price, but I was exhausted and didn’t want to put it off so I just bought them. They only had one pair in my size so I took that as fate LOL. After that I went to Walmart and bought lacy underwear and I was feeling good so I went on a date right after.

It felt a little weird being in the presence of a man that liked me with my clothes on and I also liked him a little. It made me think if I could have a normal life and dance at the same time and basically I remembered my date isn’t offering to relieve me of my financial struggles so my journey continues. I really have to persevere at this point because my mind is everywhere but it boils down to needing money.

I spent the night trying on my heels and putting myself knee deep in stripper videos. I’m still a little nervous, but honestly I’m more exhausted from the rat race.






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