Day 2

Now that I have kind of convinced myself that this is the best use of my young body to maximize my income I have so business to handle. 

I have a very good friend who Also did a short stint dancing and she figured it wasn’t for her. I can’t judge because I don’t even know if its for me yet. I figured she would be very helpful…. think again. I was getting a catty vibe like I was stealing her thing so I deceased the topic when I sensed this. I would as her questions like “So how much money can you make in a night?” her response was literally “Depends.” so I asked “Like $100, $200, $300?” her response “I don’t know it all depends.” LOL at this point I’m mentally amused at how catty women can be for no reason when they find another woman is ready to make some money. She even toyed with the idea of going back. In the following days I would make comments like “Dancing looks like fun it might not be so bad.” her response “No most of those dancers have a dance background and they really know what they’re doing.” Now this may be a true statement, but its not a supportive statement to a friend who is trying to ease the reality of looking into exotic dancing and honestly I see drug addicted people be strippers so this was jealous rambling in my mind. I also asked her what she wore and she simply said “Underwear.” LOL I’m still amused at this point at the callous behavior. One thing I know about dancing is it takes loads of courage and you don’t feel comfortable talking about it with many people so this was just absurd behavior to me. Insecure people will also envy your courage and confidence to openly and apologetically discuss the situation the way I approached the topic. I don’t think dancing is something to tip toe around not pun intended. It was then I decided to look on Craigslist for similar women in my situation looking for a partner in crime.  I came across many fakes and one real girl. We only text and I wanted someone to go in with me as a friend, but she decided to go with a “booking agency” and I don’t really like the idea of that so I think we’ll just be friends from afar.

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