Day 1

Well I’m scared shittless, but the money will be so sweet. I don’t know if I’m more concerned about someone figuring me out or being naked and I’m 100% sure its the “someone figuring me out” thing. I’m  not a professional dancer and though I am very thin I could be in better shape so my first night will be interesting. Enough babbling here’s what you ladies came to read.

How did I make the decision to dance ?

Well I used to be a Hooter’s Girl so the land of dancing isn’t very far fetched. Hooter’s is normally a stepping stone for dancing. I quit Hooter’s almost exactly 1 year ago and its been a very very rough year. I didn’t realize I was making such good money until my savings ran out about 6 months after I quit and it was just a downhill depression from there. I am in school and going more broke my the nanosecond. About 8 months after my Hooter’s leave I was in desperate need of any form of money so I got a job for $7.25 in a call center. I was very grateful for this job but c’mon the money was total shit. I quit that and got a laid back serving job. The management there were on complete high horses to be pedaling basic tacos and house margaritas. The work was very fast and the money was nothing like Hooter’s and most of the staff complained. One perk to that job was the clientele was kinda awesome, mind you I quit before my training was completed so I think I never really experienced the wrath of a needy guest. After I escaped that potential hamster wheel the summer was over and I began school shortly after. I was physically and mentally recovering from a major depressive episode so I was doing pretty well by now, because  had landed 2 jobs so the little money I made put me at a temporary peace of mind, but I knew the satisfaction wouldn’t last. After that I swore off serving and decided to just hostess. I absolutely LOVED being a hostess, but the money was also shit. $8.00 and about 10-20 hours a week. This job was lovely, but when I got my first check I really needed it and it bounced TEN TIMES ! I was finally able to cash the check my speaking directly to someone in the accounting department of the restaurant. From my major bind I had acquired a small, but monumental amount of debt to the point where I was unable to open a bank account which I absolutely underestimated the usefulness of bank accounts. After many calls and research my finances were barely livable and I’m still living at home and I can’t even afford to maintain my car and other personal needs as well as helping out when I can. I finally opened a bank account from an amazing banker and they later tried to revoke the account but I already had money in it so they could not. Oh and I got fired as a hostess because the $250 check every two weeks was not worth the trouble. After a few weeks of unemployment I can see my money dwindling and my side hustles are too far and few between. I also have been planning this huge trip so if I see a familiar face who cares because I’ll be out of this city in a couple of weeks and those judgmental people don’t pay my bills.  So I played with the idea and I just followed the idea one day after another.


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